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Non Judicial Foreclosures

Beacon Default Management is a trustee company. We handle the entire foreclosure process for non-judicial foreclosures in nine states, namely California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Alaska and Idaho. Beacon has offices in California and Washington. Additionally, we are supported by licensed attorney’s (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac approved) to practice in our core states. In states outside of the aforementioned, Beacon is aligned with an affiliated network of trustees and attorneys thereby allowing us to handle/coordinate foreclosures nationwide.

Beacon offers customized reports, 24/7 secure client access to files and is available to attend monthly meetings to discuss up-dates (our travel costs are never passed on to the client). As a “best practices” Beacon runs a wide variety of internal monthly reports and conducts regular audits. Beacon is unique in that we allow our clients to run reports independently. Different users may be designated various levels of access allowing our proprietary software to be utilized in any workflow structure. Historically, clients run status/time-line reports, but client specific reports requiring additional criteria are available (please allow time for coding on highly customized reports).

Beacon’s client platform has a broad reach. When handling CMBS transactions, we typically work with the special servicer, but our primary contact including referral is handled by their counsel. We often work with the special asset group within a bank or credit union and find it helpful to offer ancillary services when needed. We are capable of handing very large and complex foreclosures and staffed to handle small commercial transactions, as well as residential assets (we are available to work on site for take overs).

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