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  • Our building is secured by 24/7 surveillance;
  • IT Staff – Our IT management is available at all times to immediately address any IT/Security concerns that may arise;
  • Redundancy – Incremental backups are scheduled to perform automatically multiple times a day, and daily backups are synchronized to a secure cloud backup. Beacon Default Management utilizes a best practice retention policy in the event of needing to recover any data.


  • Internal Audits – The Audit & Compliance Team conducts frequent internal audits to ensure Beacon Default Management is providing the highest quality, most efficient services;
  • File Management Software – Our IT management utilizes the most up-to-date software to assist with the management of workloads on both an individual and a company-wide level. This allows for teams to maintain a seamless workflow, prioritize tasks, and create a quality product through the utilization of checklists and daily goals;
  • Timelines & Reporting – Daily reports are created and reviewed by supervisors and management providing real time compliance assurance.


  • Business Continuity – Our Business Continuity Plan is updated on a regular basis to ensure that essential business functions will continue during and after any event. In case of a disaster, Beacon Default Management can provide a smooth re-establishment of service and continuous provision of critical functions;
  • Disaster Recovery – Our IT infrastructure was developed to withstand disasters and prevent any major loss of data;
  • Testing & Review – Beacon Default Management’s BCP/DRP is reviewed quarterly and tested regularly under various scenarios.

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