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Beacon Default Management handles non-judicial foreclosures in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Alaska and Idaho. In states outside of the aforementioned, Beacon is supported by our affiliate network thereby allowing us to handle foreclosures nationwide. Beacon has offices in California and Washington. We handle commercial and residential foreclosures for lenders and servicers. When litigation is unavoidable, our team of experienced attorneys stand ready to maneuver through litigation quickly and efficiently in order to accomplish our clients’ underlying objective. If needed, after the foreclosure our partners are capable of seamlessly taking the property over for asset management and ultimately sale.

Beacon is staffed with seasoned real estate professionals with a broad range of professional expertise. We can offer fast answers with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our primary objective is to create value through unsurpassed customer service, we accomplish this by applying our decades of experience in non-judicial foreclosures, legal, default management and sales.


  • Foreclosure Processing

    • Publishing and Posting of Notices of Default/Notices of Sale
    • Conducting Trustee Sales
    • Senior Lien Bidding
    • Electronic Transmission of Publication Data to Newspapers
    • Secure Web Access to Customer Files
    • Property Inspections
    • Online Trustee Sale/Auction Information
  • Coordinate, Track and Monitor Document Recording

    • Full and Partial Reconveyance Document Preparation
    • Assignment Preparation and Processing
    • Document Retrieval
    • Owner’s & Encumbrances Reports/Property Profiles
  • Expert Witness (as testifying and non-testifying expert)

  • Client On-Site Training and Seminars

  • Custom Client Reporting

  • Title Curative Work

  • Case Resolution/Litigation Monitoring

    • * Bankruptcy Relief from Stay
    • * Unlawful Detainer (eviction) Monitoring
    • * Lien Monitoring
    • * Loss Mitigation Services (forbearance agreements and deeds in-lieu)
    • * Mediation
    • * Temporary Restraining Orders
    • * Injunctions
    • * Quiet Title Matters
  • REO Services

    • ** Acquisition Secure, Re-Key, and Vacancy Coordination
    • ** Property Management
    • ** Maintenance, Repair and Rehabilitation
    • ** Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
    • ** Sales Strategy Development
    • ** Commercial Asset Management and Disposition
    • ** Marketing Deployment
    • ** Offer Negotiation
    • ** Contract and Settlement

* Beacon works hand in hand with counsel to track and report the status on each case. Our group of litigation and bankruptcy attorneys are skilled at dealing with bad faith maneuvering and understand the dynamics of each bankruptcy district and the tendencies of the individual judges.

** Beacon partners with Affiliates to offer these services.

Selina I. Parelskin CEO & Founder

Parelskin is CEO and Founder of Beacon Default Management, Inc., a trustee company specializing in foreclosures, note sales and other default related services.

Beacon operates in the western states including Alaska with offices in Southern California and Washington. Parelskin has been involved in real estate for over three decades.

Parelskin secured the largest government contracts in the history of title insurance industry during the RTC era (spanning four years). She has personally worked on over $22 billion in transactions. Since The Great Recession her primary focus has concentrated on the default side. Prior to that Parelskin worked in various senior management positions for a national title insurance company in the National Accounts division. As an underwriter she worked on the larger multi-site, multi-state commercial transactions and as a regional manager she was responsible for Company’s expansion on the east coast over a seventeen-year period.

Parelskin holds a MBA in Business from the University of Redlands

Selina I. Parelskin

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